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In the End 2

27. dubna 2008 v 13:23 | Amelle
He gently eased Bill off him with a wince, his stomach dropping at Bill's eyes, nearly as black as his hair as he gazed up at him. "So good," Tom panted. "You're so fucking good, but I'm going to be useless to you in a minute."

Bill just nodded and pulled himself up to his feet, clinging to Tom's body for balance. He clamped his mouth over Tom's as soon as he was standing, and pulled Tom away from the door. Tom stumbled over the pants still tangled around his feet as Bill turned him around and pushed him back towards the bed. He laughed quietly as he landed on his back on the mattress after one final push. Bill shrugged out of his t-shirt and unbuckled his belt, keeping his eyes on Tom the whole time. Tom moaned, Bill was finally naked and he crawled over Tom on his hands and knees before dropping down to straddle Tom and attack his mouth with furious kisses.

Tom pulled back. "Let's hope Georg doesn't come knocking hmm?" he said with a teasing smile.

The flaring of nostrils and the indignant pursing of Bill's lips told him his brother still wasn't amused. Too soon, too soon.

Not wanting to put Bill off, Tom pulled at his brother's hips until he could feel Bill's body against his, their skin sliding together as hands explored frantically and limbs entwined. Bill felt so good against him, literally a sensual overload after another day of having to endure seeing him, smelling him, but never being able to touch. Tom sometimes felt as if the constant simmering tension bubbling away between them was going to boil over and sweep him away. Moments like these were his lifesavers, tiding him over temporarily but ultimately only adding more fuel to his favourite fire.

"Tom," Bill croaked. "Tom I need...I need-"

"I know," Tom replied softly, brushing Bill's forehead with his hand as he writhed above him, looking desperate. He ran his hands down Bill's back soothingly, but Bill struggled out of his grasp and sat up, his thighs either side of Tom's hips. Tom wasn't bothered, he knew he'd get his cuddles later, he always did in the end.

"Did you get the stuff out?" he asked, his voice shaking a little.

Bill looked around at the room anxiously, before climbing off Tom's lap and turning around to reach down off the bed for something on the floor. Tom groaned and felt his cock twitch as Bill's bare ass came into view, spread before him so invitingly. Bill hoisted himself back up, appearing flushed from the effort. In his hands he held his jeans and he quickly shoved his fingers into all the pockets until he plucked out what he'd been looking for. Tom smiled as Bill held up the lubricant and tossed his jeans onto the floor. Bill climbed over him again and began to slather Tom's cock with the slippery aid, making a fist and pulling up hard.

"Careful," Tom hissed, his hips pushing up involuntarily.

Bill rubbed his hands together and leaned forward for balance, his intention obviously to sit himself on Tom's erection.

Tom pushed him back gently and gave him a look.

"Please," Bill whined, his bottom lip jutting out.

Tom knew how badly Bill wanted to get on him, and he wanted it too, only he wasn't stupid. "Just a little bit," Tom said, grabbing the lube and drizzling some over his fingers. "Besides, you love it."

Bill gave a non committal grunt and raised himself up so that Tom could reach between his legs. Tom held Bill steady with his other hand over his brother's hip as he slid his wet fingers back and forth over his entrance. Bill made a frustrated sound and grabbed hold of Tom's arm, trying to guide him to get his fingers in. Tom didn't want to tease him, he knew exactly how Bill was feeling, how much he needed it. He very carefully eased a finger inside Bill, not waiting long to add another one to stretch his brother as quickly as possible.

Tom watched as his brother stilled his hips, face screwed up in concentration, willing his body to loosen around Tom's probing fingers. Tom curled a finger and connected directly with Bill's prostate, as he knew it would. He'd done this countless times before. He smiled a satisfied smile when he got the reaction he wanted, Bill tilted forward, gasping as he lunged an arm out to keep from toppling over. Tom could feel him start to quake from the inside out and used both fingers to brush repeatedly over the spot inside Bill that when handled correctly, could be used to make Bill do anything.

"Fuck, fuck!" Bill cried, pushing himself down onto Tom's fingers and then up again, shaking from the effort of trying to stay upright while fucking Tom's hand.

Tom hissed every time Bill's movements knocked his hand against his cock, it was so hard his whole groin ached and he was dying to get inside his brother, where his fingers were being squeezed as Bill clenched. Bill was riding his hand almost effortlessly now, Tom knew he was ready. He slipped his fingers out, knowing that Bill wouldn't protest because he knew what would come next. He waited until Bill had positioned himself properly before he grabbed the base of his cock and held it steady. Bill lowered himself and sighed loudly as the tip of Tom's cock brushed his entrance. Tom grabbed Bill's hips and concentrated on watching his brother's face, it was easier than focusing on the tortuously slow entry into Bill's body.

He watched the way Bill's eyes would widen and flutter closed, his mouth following a similar pattern as he squirmed around and took more and more of Tom inside him. Finally, Bill was fully seated and Tom dropped his hands and let his head fall back. All thoughts left his brain and all he could feel was Bill all around him, squeezing, sliding, dragging Tom in and out of him as he rocked above him. Tom clasped his hands behind his head and just watched his brother. Bill was taking his time, savouring the sensation. His hips moved in a circular motion and Tom's eyes were drawn to creamy skin, glistening with sweat as it stretched over the tiny hip bones with every movement.

Tom moved his eyes upwards and they met with Bill's. Bill was watching him through half lidded eyes, smiling a little. Tom smiled back and Bill made a small noise before launching himself forward to give Tom a sloppy kiss. Tom kissed him back and smoothed his hands over Bill's ass, keeping a firm grip to make sure he didn't slide all the way out. He used his hands to push Bill down a little harder, pushing himself in deeper. Bill answered with a low growl that tickled the back of Tom's throat and he grunted in surprise when Bill tightened around his cock, clenching him on purpose.

Bill pulled his mouth off Tom's, gasping for breath and trembling as he tried to hold himself up with his arms. He backed up again slowly until he was sitting upright on Tom again, his hands caressing Tom's belly softly. He began rocking again, moving his hips faster. Tom groaned and fisted the sheets tightly as the pressure around his cock increased, every thrust felt better than the last. Bill wasn't savouring anything now, he writhed and grunted above Tom with an obvious goal to get his release as quickly as possible.

Tom thought briefly about flipping Bill over and drilling into him, he knew he could finish them both off in no time, but the sight of the beautiful nymph like creature bouncing over him was much too enthralling, and Bill was more than capable. Tom almost smirked as he remembered his shy, yet eager to please little brother when Tom had first introduced him to the joys of sex and everything else in between. It hadn't taken long for Bill to acquire an almost ravenous appetite for it and Tom couldn't help feeling a little proud as he watched Bill go to town on his dick. Bill's eyes were clenched shut, his face shiny with sweat and his hair was starting to flatten to his head from all the moisture.

Tom knew it wouldn't be long for either of them and he grabbed Bill's hips again, pushing himself up to thrust into his brother's hot little hole repeatedly. Bill squeaked and began fisting himself, his hand moving quickly over his cock.

"Come on Tom," he panted loudly.

"Hmm?" Tom could barely concentrate on anything except the delicious friction between their bodies.

"Come," Bill moaned.

Tom shook his head jerkily. "You first," he grunted. He was almost there, everything was starting to tense up and he was ready to explode.

"No," Bill replied. "Come on Tomi...make it all wet."

"Fuck," Tom gritted out, feeling his toes curl so hard they cracked as he shuddered and convulsed, emptying himself deep inside his twin.

He could still feel Bill on him, moving frantically. Tom opened his eyes just in time to see Bill lean back until he was nearly bent in half, his head nearly scraping the mattress between Tom's knees as his body went rigid. Tom blinked in surprise as he felt something warm and sticky hit his stomach, and he realized Bill had shot all over him.

"Oh my god," he murmured, an amused smile gracing his lips.

Bill flopped down heavily, his body still bent back completely, Tom could hear him still gasping for breath. Tom shifted out from beneath him carefully, slipping out of him entirely. He rolled onto his stomach and shimmied down to the other end of the bed where Bill lay, boneless.

"Well that was pretty much the hottest thing I've ever seen," he said softly, using a finger to gently move a clump of stray hair away from Bill's eyes, sweeping it off his forehead.

Bill managed a small laugh, he may have been blushing but his whole body appeared to be flushed. "I needed that," he finally said.

"I know," Tom said, grinning. He gave Bill a tiny kiss on the nose. "Time for a shower."

Bill groaned. "Nooooo I can't move." He unfolded his legs from underneath him and rolled into Tom, snuggling up against his chest. "Let's just sleep."

"We can't, we haven't even cleaned up after the show, and now we're all...sticky," Tom replied, feeling the cooling wetness on his skin.

"But...you know I love going to sleep with you all in me," Bill grumbled into Tom's neck.

Tom smiled. "I know, but you hate waking up with me all in you." He knew Bill was exhausted, they both were, but once Bill passed out he'd be asleep for a good fourteen hours at least, and he'd feel so much better if he woke up clean. "Come on." He sat up and pulled Bill up with him.

"I'm so tired," Bill whined miserably.

Tom hugged him close, wiping away the sweat and smudged make up beneath Bill's eyes. "You can sleep in the shower, I've got you." He felt Bill smile against his arm and knew there wouldn't be any more protesting. He dragged himself off the bed, wobbly on his feet, and then pulled Bill up.

"You're gonna have to have to take me," Bill said with a pout.

"How?" Tom asked through a huge yawn.

"Like this," Bill replied, looping his arms around Tom's neck and stepping onto his feet.

Tom laughed and walked awkwardly towards the bathroom, the weight of his brother slowing him down. "Okay," he said, letting Bill go once they reached the shower.

Bill stepped off him and let Tom turn the shower on. Tom took his hand and pulled him in once it was hot enough, they both sighed as the warm water sprayed over them. Tom gently turned Bill around and grabbed the small shampoo bottle sitting on the shelf. He poured the contents into his hand and ran them through Bill's hair, massaging his scalp and building up a foamy lather. Bill moaned and leaned back into Tom's chest.

"You're so good to me," he whispered, he almost sounded sad. He twisted his head so that he could look at Tom, he kissed his cheek. "What would I do without you?"

Tom bit his lip. "Not chafe between your thighs?" He held in his laughter for a full two seconds before it came bubbling out.

"Tom!" Bill scolded, but he was laughing. He waited until Tom had rinsed all the shampoo from his hair before turning around. "Here," Bill spun him around slowly and pulled him back against him. Tom sighed as Bill lathered up his hands with soap and ran them over his chest. Tom leaned his head back on Bill's shoulder and smiled as Bill nuzzled into his neck.

He loved that even when Bill was feeling completely wrecked, when he needed the most care, he always seemed to remember that Tom sometimes liked to be looked after too. No matter how worn down, how helpless Bill was feeling, Tom knew that he could let himself fall apart completely and Bill would be right there, scooping up every little piece of him and putting him all back together again. It was just what they did, how they survived.

"How do people do it?" He heard Bill murmur against his skin.

"What people?" Tom asked, resting his hands over Bill's as they roamed over his body.

"People like us, with schedules like ours, crazy lives."

"Do what?" Tom felt like he could fall asleep on his feet, his eyelids were so heavy right then.

"How do they survive without their Tom?" Bill whispered.

Tom felt his chest tighten and turned to face his brother, kissing his hand as he did. He slid his hands around Bill's back and pressed their bodies together in a tight hug. Bill wrapped his arms around Tom's neck and clung to him, his face hidden in Tom's shoulder. They stood holding each other for a long while, neither speaking. Tom would stand there until the water ran cold if Bill needed to.

He always got his cuddles in the end.

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